The gorgeous building design sits quietly in Mesa, Arizona offering exceptional services for long-term living. It’s lavish grounds give a lifestyle of luxury to its residents through a variety of amenities. Mesa is not just a facility for the elderly, but a home extension with impressive perks one can only admire and envy. It’s a community of residents where the staff is dedicated to meeting their specific needs. The advantages of finding the best active 55 communities in mesa az are is important. It offers what is called Preserving Independence Living. This gives all residents access to top of the line supportive services for their health and wellness. The professional staff is flexible and can meet resident challenges with solutions or programs already in place.

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Mesa has a great location among nearby shopping malls, parks, hospitals, and grocery stores. The goal of the community lead by Mesa Mayor is to maintain independence for all residents. This is why they have a special program built around that concept to benefit its residents. To assist in making sure everyone’s stay is what they expect, they offer a great lease plan when deciding if Mesa is your next home. These plans start at $3,990 to $4,860, depending on which model fits with a resident’s needs. All benefits for each plan has a well thought out monthly meal program. Their health and wellness support plan is offered on three different levels of your choice. This includes the standard, premium and premium plus.

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All residents experience an exceptional dining service staffed with an impressive chef and dining team. Meals can be given by tray service directly to your suite. Catering services are also available for those special moments such as anniversaries, family visits, or birthdays. The meal timeline plan begins with a hearty breakfast that goes to a mid-day and ending with an evening dinner. Residents have their choice of eating in the gorgeous Medallion Dining Room or in their private suite. Meals can be hot or cold, include high nutrition and snacks. They are carefully planned to any residents particular needs.

The Mesa Health and Wellness program is top-notch. It offers 24hr emergency call and response, an in-house Wellness Director RN, on-site health care staff, access to the in-house Physician, consultations and refills from an inside Pharmacist to refill any prescriptions, to name a few.